Arthur Jackson and the small building comapany crew
Builders for the small building company founded and directed by Arthur Jackson.

From fine kitchens to renovating the façade of Tanglewood Music Shed, our work is  about the challenge of doing a job well, satisfying you, our client, and enjoying the folks we work with.

We provide:

  • attention to detail of a small building company
  • the strength and professional resources of the larger contractor
  • a carpenter you can talk to
  • follow through on requests competitively priced
  • online project interface, to keep our crew and clients up to date on project status
  • expertise for clients interested in pre-engineered modular homes


The builders’ craft has become the job of artful assembly and cutting-edge technology. We take pride in knowing about the newest, proven materials and how to best use them. We take pleasure in helping clients realize their vision — from fine interior finishes, to a library, music room or a rustic barn. We are efficient and cost-conscious.

We are a Licensed General Contractor with eight professional carpenters. With a record of achievement and commitment to enhancing the environment rather then taking from it, we apply non-toxic construction and green building methods whenever affordable and possible. With our client’s approval we will research and implement green practices that meet budgets of all sizes

We are a diverse group of self-directed and motivated individuals. We bring backgrounds ranging from boat building and furniture building, to plaster and tile expertise, to tree house construction. And more.

Arthur Jackson

Arthur’s early building work in New York City led to large project management jobs, and a foray into marketing, where he launched environmentally-friendly products in the mid 90s. Since returning to hands-on building in 1998, Arthur was impressed by how effective and impactful less can be. Bigger was not always better. Small calls for creative use of space, less waste, greater efficiency and better client communications.

Settling in the Berkshires in the late 80s, Arthur joined a builder’s co-op, not far from the headquarters of the E.F. Schumacher Society (author of Small is Beautiful) and near the very first Community Supported Agriculture farms in the United States, (CSA). His work took a turn into the realm of special event management and film production, but he finally circled back to construction in 1998.

Inspired by Sarah Susanka’s book, The Not So Big House, he established the Not So Big Building Company, now named The Small Building Company.

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