Why Small?

small is big. tiny is ‘in.’

Why the current enthusiasm for small and tiny houses these days?

We have been talking about small for a long time. Taking our inspiration from The Not So Big House by Sarah Suskana (1998), we have been conscious of the ground-swell of concern over natural resource consumption and over-zealous extravagance. We humans are the only mammals who consume more than they need. We work with that awareness – with clients who share our values.

There are many good things about small. Less is more. It allows our personal touch, control of best practices, and the highest quality construction. We do best with small —whether we are renovating the Tanglewood shed facade or constructing a 700-square-foot home.

No matter how large, small or sophisticated the project, our clients want to know and talk to the skilled carpenters and others who are doing the work. We work hand in hand with the best architects to meet clients’ vision and expectations, with consideration for budgets of all sizes.

small is beautiful.